We are good and kind

Sometimes I might write a song on my blog. So, I thought I would write a song …


We are good and kind, we are good and kind, we are good and kind, are you out of your mind?

Yes, we are good and kind.

With a coconut in your mind.

We are good and kind, we are good and kind, we are good and kind in an elephant’s mind.

In the elephant’s mind, he is thinking about saying being good and kind.

In the elephant’s mind, there’s a good and kind and fine mouse.

In the mouse’s mind, he is thinking about good and fine cheese.

In the cheese’s mind, he wants to be eaten alive.

Alien discovers Autumn


Once upon a time there was a little alien who wanted to see the human world. He went in his spaceship but his spaceship was stuck in some mud. He made a little piece of metal and he put two wings on the metal. He walked on the metal piece and flew to the human world and looked at the human buildings.

The little alien learned how to speak human language and some builders came and built the little alien a house.

The little alien made a little toy and he made a robot. He was drinking some water from the lake and made a little heart and made a little alien biscuit with some sprinkles inside the biscuit.

He bought a pet hamster and then fed his pet hamster.

Then the little alien went into the trees and broke a tree. Then he went back home and then he made a wooden boat and went fishing on his boat.

The little alien went on a nature walk and found some beautiful yellow leaves. The little alien found a beautiful red leaf. The little alien kept all the yellow leaves and he kept the red leaf.

The Greedy Bee


Once upon a time there was a Greedy Bee. Bzzz.


The Greedy Bee ate some cabbage.


Then the Greedy Bee ate an orange.


Then the Greedy Bee got some nectar from a flower.


Then the Bee went in the beehive.


Then the Greedy Bee made honey.